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5 common reasons people get divorced

When sweethearts marry, they do not expect divorce to be in their future. Unfortunately, not every marriage ends with “happily ever after.” In fact, after twenty years of marriage, 53 percent of couples experience separation, divorce or death

Why do so many people end their marriages? While there are endless reasons for divorce, here are some of the most common reasons that couples go their separate ways.

1. Money issues

Finances are a source of great stress for many couples. Different financial goals, spending habits and income disparities may cause strain on some relationships. Monetary stressors may result in arguments and cause some couples to break up.

2. Cheating

Infidelity is unsurprisingly a big contributor to divorces. Cheating is rampant, especially with so much technology. Now, sending sexual messages to other people or starting affairs through social media is common. For some couples, one instance of emotional infidelity is enough to justify a divorce. For others, there may be multiple instances of cheating before they say enough is enough.

3. Substance abuse

When someone has an addiction, it can take a toll on their marriage. Addictions to alcohol and drugs often lead to too much stress on a relationship for it to survive. Divorce is especially likely if the struggling person does not seek rehabilitation.

4. Loss of intimacy

Over the years, sometimes the initial spark of love fades away. Some couples are not able to stay in their marriages because of a lack of sex or emotional intimacy. Couples should work on consistently feeling connected to one another. When a relationship is void of sexual attraction, appreciation or even kindness, it may be time for a split.

5. Lack of communication

Communication is difficult, even for people who are together for years. Insufficient communication may lead to frustration and resentment. Nasty comments, yelling and simply not talking enough are all unhealthy for marriages.