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How documentation eliminates unnecessary conflict in your divorce

The length of time it takes to get a divorce in Georgia can be frustrating, especially if your spouse is hostile and uncooperative. While some parts of the process require specific periods of time, there are things you can do to speed up the rest. Some of these include hiring a divorce lawyer to prevent delays due to mistakes, gathering together required information and paperwork in a timely manner and documenting everything. When you can easily present evidence in your favor, it can eliminate conflict and therefore quicken your divorce proceedings. The following are some of the things you should document.

Communication with your spouse

A lot of divorce deals with “he said, she said” and the like. Keep all texts, social media messages, emails, phone call information and other forms of contact to and from your spouse so you have proof of your and your spouse’s words and behaviors. When you have exact evidence, it is easier for a judge to interpret the communication correctly.

Suspicious activity

Divorce often leads to spouses engaging in suspicious activity to hide things from the court, such as assets they do not want to divide. Watch out for these signs, among others:

  • Making sudden costly purchases
  • Giving expensive gifts and possessions to family and friends
  • Not telling you the login information to access online accounts of any kind
  • Receiving mail from financial institutions or people unfamiliar to you
  • Lying about whereabouts, such as being on a business trip

You should also monitor your joint financial accounts for any abnormal activity. Obtain financial statements and other paperwork related to assets, including collectibles and other valuables. Keep thorough records to back up your property division proposal and claim of hidden assets.

Parenting abilities

When minors are involved in the divorce, you may have to document your spouse’s parenting as evidence for the custody case. Make note of late pickups and drop-offs and other deviance from your current custody arrangement. Listen for comments your children make that imply inappropriate or unsafe behavior that occurs in your spouse’s home or that your spouse allows the children to take part in. Ask your children to retain all written communication between them and your spouse.

Utilize the assistance of a divorce lawyer

The quantity of documentation Georgia courts require for a divorce can be daunting, but having thorough and correct records can eliminate conflict, from property division to child custody. You may benefit from legal assistance to ensure you are adequately prepared and do not make any mistakes.