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Divorce can result in positive benefits for the children

The conventional wisdom has always predominantly stressed that divorce is a devastating blow to minor children and something that can scar them for life. However, experts today recognize certain benefits of divorce or at least ways in which good parenting can facilitate strength and growth for children of a divorce. The theory holds true in Georgia as well as all other states.

It is known that a bad marriage with high levels of conflict and tension can be harmful to children due to the passing of the stress and bitterness onto the children. When parents cut off the bad emotional stuff by getting a divorce, it leaves more room for healthy co-parenting. This builds a positive self-image for children rather than inflating the insecurity through the ongoing trauma of remaining together.

Furthermore, many children can learn a valuable life lesson about facing adversity. Painful as it might seem in the beginning, children can experience the value of facing a life crisis and conquering it, thus building up personal character traits that will hold true for the rest of the individual’s life. Additionally, divorce can increase the amount of time that the father spends with the children, sometimes in a sense giving children two active parents rather than one.

Some studies conclude that financial security is most important factor contributing to a child’s level of happiness. Living in a two-parent home with intensive bickering over money problems is far more damaging than a one-parent home with basic financial stability. Better communications skills can also be developed by children living with each parent in separate households.

The juggling of events, dates and activities between the two households can be a positive factor by encouraging ongoing communications. As with so many things in dealing with parenting and the emotional health of the children, the most important quality of divorcing couples in Georgia and elsewhere is to show the ability to cooperate effectively for the good of the children. The family bond of love can remain intact when parents are mature and intent on seeing their children happy even through a stressful divorce.

Source:, “5 Reasons Divorce Is Good for Kids“, Michelle Zipp, May 6, 2015