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Children are less stressed with shared child custody pacts

The latest research on the well-being of the children of divorced parents reveals that shared custody or something similar may be best for the emotional stability and happiness of the children. A new study published in a social sciences journal concludes that children do better when they have a solid bonding relationship with both parents. That finding tends to challenge the current practice in this country, including to some extent in Georgia, of having a child custody arrangement with a primary custodial parent, and a non-custodial parent who gets relatively little time with the children.

Therapy program can normalize parental relations after divorce

Divorcing Georgia couples with minor children can survive the emotional roller coaster that often makes the experience so unbearable. A program of joint therapy/mediation can be very helpful for two people who are truly interested in the welfare of their children. It is generally practical and workable for two people to keep the tenor of a divorce proceeding on an even-keel without bitter conflict.

Frozen embryos lead to, basically, a child custody dispute

What happens in Georgia or another state when the dispute over custody has to do with a frozen embryo? The outcome cannot be predicted with certainty due to the fact that there are no comprehensive statutes at this time dealing with the problems that can arise from an in vitro fertilization situation. However, one way to avoid a potential child custody dispute is for the parties to sign an agreement concerning the future of the embryos should the parties separate in the future. 

Noncustodial parents should stay in their children's lives

All parents with minor children, whether in Georgia or elsewhere, usually suffer a multitude of worries about the effect of the divorce trauma on the children. Truth be told, however, there are no lasting scars or permanent psychological deficits that the children must suffer. Many highly successful people came from a divorced household. Both parents, including noncustodial parents, can ease the burden on the children by remaining involved and by showing that the bond of love remains strong.

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