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A spouse may signal sure signs of his or her plot toward divorce

According to one prominent divorce financial planner, there are signs that one’s spouse is secretly maneuvering or planning out the strategy for a divorce unbeknown to the other spouse. Such secretive, manipulating behavior may be due to the culture of divorce that exists nationwide, including in Georgia. It embraces largely the militaristic strategy of striking the first blow, by surprise. This may include seizing and taking off with as many spoils of battle as one can amass before the dust settles.

It often happens that one of the spouses is aware and plotting for that fateful day while the other remains naïve and trusting, at least until the hammer falls. It may take a number of permeations, but the unifying dynamic is that one spouse is using stealth and deception to “set up” the other for the divorce revelation. With the typical legal, financial and psychological pressures of a marital break-up, it’s no wonder that the prevailing strategy is adversarial and uncommunicative.

There are mediation formats for divorce where negotiation and communications are above-board and conducted in mutual good faith. Seasoned divorce attorneys are adept at getting maximum results from that platform, but without the rancor and warlike moves of the traditional divorce model. However, at this time, most people will follow the traditional format due to the dysfunctional emotional environment that usually emerges between two people during the transition to separation.

Thus, if one has suspicions that the other spouse is maneuvering a sinister plot, it is wise to look for certain confirming signposts. For example, any sudden change in financial habits is a tip-off, such as opening a separate account, apparent missing money and sudden budgeting of funds to the other spouse. Look for large cash withdrawals, the sudden appearance of a separate loan transaction, complaining about his or her future career, negative expressions about making it financially and the like. One may wish to get to a Georgia divorce attorney as soon as possible after discovering these tell-tale signs; it will decidedly be in one’s best interest to be proactive as early in the game as possible.

Source:, “Divorce: Financial Clues That Your Spouse Will File“, Lilli A. Vasileff, March 19, 2015