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Some newlyweds confront divorce within months of the marriage

The statistics surrounding divorce in Georgia are similar to the nationwide averages. One statistical category shows how long the parties were married when the divorce was granted. There is always a steady but relatively small percentage of marriages that did not last for even a full year after the ceremony took place.

Recently, an online divorce discussion group took up the issue of why some marriages fold within months. The reasons reported appear to cover the gamut of causes for early break-ups. Perhaps one thread running through them all is that, in general, people got into marriage not knowing the other person well enough, and not knowing their own preferences and needs in their lives at that point in time.

Several persons complained of being surprised by the spouse. He or she took on almost a new identity after the marriage took place. Some spouses started going out with friends more often. Drinking and drugs were taken up by some.

What motivated individuals to break away from the relationship and take up drinking, drugs and sexual promiscuity soon after getting married? It is a mystery apparently dependent on the particular struggles and personality problems carried by each spouse through a lifetime of varied experiences. But is it really so strange that people should be so vulnerable to being attracted to an incompatible situation with an incompatible partner?

Because of such issues as dependency, lack of self-confidence, and values that favor materialism instead of caring and loving, the quick disintegration of some marriages is not so surprising. It is not so shocking that many people don’t really know who it is that they have married. An experienced family law attorney in Georgia, however, knows the variety of dynamics that are involved when couples find that their marital relationship is untenable. With that knowledge, the client can be assured that his or her interests are being protected and furthered in the most enlightened and assertive ways possible throughout the difficult divorce process.   

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Reasons People Divorce After Less Than A Year Of Marriage“, Brittany Wong, Jan. 21, 2015