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How to emotionally prepare and plan for a divorce

It is not uncommon for a couple to wait until the new year to file for divorce, as many people find that it is unpleasant and inconvenient to do so during the busy holidays. As this new year begins, many Georgia couples may now be facing the difficult step of filing for divorce. Before taking this important step, it is beneficial to secure legal assistance, as well as make a determined effort to prepare for what is ahead.

Besides contacting a qualified family law attorney, a Georgia couple should make a plan. While it is impossible to prepare for every possible contingency, having a general plan outlining needs and goals can streamline the divorce process. If the goal is to protect the interests of the children or retain an ownership stake in a small business, it is important to include this in the divorce plan. 

One of the first things that should be done is to make a list of debts and assets. Not only can this make it easier when it is time to divide marital property, it can determine if there are certain assets that need to be located or if there could be a dispute over certain items. If it is possible for spouses to take these pre-divorce steps together, it can help resolve issues faster.

If a couple has been waiting until the new year to initiate the legal process of a divorce, it is not too early to lay the groundwork by formulating a divorce plan. There is great benefit in having a clearly defined end goal, which can lessen the complexity of the divorce process. It may be wise to discuss goals and plans with an attorney experienced in navigating complex family law issues.

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