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Child custody issues may be better settled using parenting plans

When settlers first immigrated to the United States, they generally held to the traditional English law that dictated that fathers were to raise the children in the event of a divorce. By the early 1900s, mothers became the one believed to be the most capable of parenting, so they were regularly awarded child custody in the vast majority of cases. Now many states, including Georgia, have made provisions that encourage parents to divide responsibilities and settle custody matters themselves through the use of parenting plans.

Protecting an inheritance during property division

When a Georgia marriage comes to an end, one of the primary focal points within the divorce involves the division of marital property. For those spouses who have been left an inheritance, protecting that gift from the property division process is often a concern. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to exclude an inheritance from division unless the following protective measures were taken.

Holding onto the home after divorce may be challenging for some

Once a marriage dissolves, the emotional fallout is only part of the ordeal. Along with determining whether spousal support is necessary and ironing out possible child custody issues, decisions must be made concerning the division of marital property. As some Georgia couples may be discovering, retaining ownership of a marital home after a divorce may be more challenging than once thought.

Judge rules prenup agreement valid; limits wife's divorce assets

On their honeymoon, a wife later testified that she and her new husband shredded their prenuptial agreement and vowed to disregard its stipulations. Fast-forward 12 years, and a judge has ruled the agreement is valid and the couple must abide by it during their divorce settlement. Couples residing in Georgia may benefit from learning more about the legal protections afforded to each one by these documents.

Tips for preparing financially for divorce

For many married couples, divorce can be an emotional roller coaster ride. For couples who have been married for many years, divorce can also be financially stressful. However, by following a few simple financial tips, separating Georgia spouses can keep control of their finances and reduce costs during the divorce process.

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