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Coming to terms with an ex-spouse over child custody agreement

Once a marriage has ended, the most important discussion between the two parties most likely concerns their children. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to settle on a child custody agreement without the input of either the family court or another experienced party. There may be many Georgia families struggling to resolve this matter right now.

One of the first things that may help is to discuss the areas on which both parties can agree. Matters such as where the children will attend school and which doctor they will see may be issues that do not generate excessive conflict. Other neutral grounds may deal with whether the children will take any lessons or participate in team sports.

However, the matters where the greatest conflicts occur may be deciding which parent will have the primary care of the children and how much time they will spend with the non-custodial parent. There are options for those parents who find themselves in a stalemate. There are mediators and custody evaluators who may be able to offer impartial advice as to what may serve the children best.

Georgia parents also have other options to consider when a child custody agreement seems out of reach for them to settle on their own. There are those who are skilled in finding the best solutions for each unique family without unduly compromising the needs of all parties involved. In the majority of cases, parents want only what is best for their children and are able to reach a workable agreement when seeking the best available information from compassionate professionals.

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