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There may be many warning signs that pointed to future divorce

Many people probably believe that couples choose to marry mainly because they love each other. However, love doesn’t always last and there are many reasons for couples to seek a divorce. Doubtless, many in Georgia have discovered that there may be no such thing as a divorce-proof marriage.

One publication recently conducted a poll to uncover some of the most common regrets that divorced people seemed to experience. Many of them seem to indicate that there may have been warning signs from the beginning that the marriage might not be viable such as a serious argument or an uneasy feeling. Some seemed to realize they were unhappy early on, while others may have spent years in a suffocating relationship.

Any of those reasons may eventually lead to a serious breakdown in the relationship. Several respondents referenced unsettled feelings before the wedding day, and these may have been warning signs of impending discord of even violent tendencies that could pose a physical danger to one partner. Others expressed sorrow that they felt that they lost themselves in an overly demanding situation with their spouse. A relationship where one partner is dominating over another can also lead serious conflict. One other reason that finally led to a dissolution of marriage was infidelity.

Those that enter into a marriage most likely intend for it to be a life-long commitment. However, no one is expected to remain in a relationship where either one or both parties are miserable, or if the relationship poses a physical or emotional risk of abuse. Furthermore, an unfaithful spouse may prove to be dishonest in other matters as well, making the marriage insupportable. Georgia couples who are at the point where the relationship is over and there is no hope for reconciliation may benefit from seeking guidance from an experienced and compassionate resource that may allow them to realize that life can begin again after a divorce.

Source: The Huffington Post, “11 Marriage Regrets From The Divorced“, Brittany Wong, Aug. 29, 2014