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Fighting over cats and dogs; changes in some divorce battles

Gone are the days when the family dog was tied to a tree in the backyard and slept in a drafty doghouse no matter the season. Now, family pets are cherished members in many Georgia households. For that reason, the issue of pet custody is playing a bigger role in divorce proceedings.

Some methods for uncovering hidden marital assets in a divorce

When a couple chooses to marry, they unite all aspects of their lives, at least those areas not covered in a prenuptial agreement. However, in spite of their intentions to be joined forever when they exchange their vows, these same people may later realize that their marriage is over. At this time, one or the other might be tempted to conceal some marital assets from their former spouse. If Georgia spouses fear that is the case in their particular situation, there are ways to get the information needed to resolve the issue.

School safety reminder for parents during a child custody dispute

One issue that needs to be addressed now that the new school year has arrived is the safety and security of children when away from the custodial parent. While a child may not be aware that his or her parents might be involved in a contentious custody fight, schools can ensure that current custody agreements for the child are enforced if they have current information on file. Parents in Georgia can also seek assistance if they are struggling with a child custody dispute.

Adult children may also struggle with parents' divorce

In 1990, only about 10 percent of marriage dissolutions involved couples in their 50s or older. However, according to statistics from 2012, the number of gray divorce filings is now closer to 25 percent. While many often express concern over how minor children will adapt after their parents split, new research seems to show that adult children may also struggle with their parents' separation. Since marriages end in every state, Georgia families may also benefit from the information.

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