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There are some positive lessons for kids to learn from divorce

For many children, the thought of their parents splitting up may inspire fear and uncertainty. Even though a divorce is a time of change, not every aspect has to be viewed through the lens of doom and gloom. In fact, children everywhere, including in Georgia, may learn several beneficial lessons by experiencing their parents break-up.

The first lesson is that love doesn’t always last, and if not, it doesn’t mean the end of love forever. It just means that the partners involved recognized an unhealthy situation and moved on. As an added bonus to this reality, children can see their parents as human beings, separate from just their role as a parent. This may help them see the need to make hard choices when a situation warrants.

Other life lessons can include the understanding that parents do take their children’s feelings and opinions into consideration as they may discuss the divorce proceedings with their kids. Additionally, children learn that people do not have to be related by blood to care about others and form a new and stronger family bond. Other considerations are that kids can realize that they can be flexible and are able to live in a variety of settings and still know and understand that they are loved and cared for in spite of what form their family may take as they grow.

In the end, a divorce does not mean the end of love and family, it only marks the end of that form of the family. While it is true that this decision can bring a roller coaster of emotions with many uncertainties, the end result is often a happier and more settled life, especially if the marriage was contentious and the children were affected by the unhappiness and stress that comes with those circumstances. Georgia families who are contemplating taking this step in order to pursue opportunities to seek a better life can find information and resources that are available to provide assistance while they embark on this journey in hopes of finding a fresh start for themselves and their children.

Source: The Huffington Post, “11 Reasons Your Parents’ Divorce Isn’t So Bad After All“, Rene Jacques, June 25, 2014