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Some ideas that may reduce monetary costs of divorce

Every day, the costs of living seem to rise almost without notice, until the bill comes due. This seems to apply even more so when the big events of life spring up, such as a graduation, a wedding and even a divorce since these all seem to require more investments of both money and time. There may be many in Georgia who are contemplating seeking a divorce but are unsure of the costs involved.

Today’s cost of a typical wedding ceremony can run around $30,000. According to some recent figures, the end of the marriage can also send some ex-partners to the poorhouse. However, if the divorcing spouses can set aside personal feelings for a time, then the process might proceed at a quicker and possibly less expensive pace. There are ways to reduce the final cost of these “conscious un-couplings” — to quote a recent a new phrase.

One way to lower the price tag is to do some of the research as it pertains to one’s potential new situation, especially as far as checking into financial matters. Not having to pay for investigators while looking for suspected hidden assets can save a great deal of money. In addition, having a road map as to what each partner expects can save time. Another cost-cutting idea is to decide what living arrangements would be most cost-effective once the two have parted ways, as well as updating wills and other legal documents; all of these decisions could be made ahead of time, further lowering the total costs.

While saving monetary assets during a divorce proceeding can be a serious concern for many couples, in reality, some divorces are more complex and may require more input for outside sources in order to ensure a fair and equitable split for both parties. A great deal of advice has been offered that relies on the ability of the couple to set aside emotional reactions to what can be a trying and painful decision, which can be much easier said than done. Georgia couples, who are struggling to work their way through what can be an emotional roller coaster at times, do have resources at hand that can provide them with the best tools and information in order to find their way to a peaceful resolution and a new start as individuals.

Source:, “7 Ways to Separate Yourselves from the High Cost of Divorce“, Erik Sherman, June 13, 2014