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The economic rise in Georgia also brings a rise in divorce rates

Residents of Georgia are likely well aware of the financial strain the economic downfall of the United States has had on its fellow citizens. Many were struggling to afford the bare necessities and considered themselves lucky if they could afford anything else. In addition to not being able to afford luxuries, divorces were sparse as a result of possible legal fees or perhaps the fear of not being able to afford the single life. Thankfully, the economy has taken a turn for the better, and couples who may have been considering divorce are now taking advantage of it.

Much like the era following the great depression, the divorce rate is rising. For two years during the recession, there were a staggering 150,000 fewer divorces than expected. It could be a result of couples wanting to stay married out of love, or it could be that they simply could not afford to be single. Even with both husband and wife working, the typical middle-class family struggled.

Many families likely stuck together out of necessity, rather than the wish to stay married. Now that couples are able to part ways and rely on one income, they are doing just that, according to recent statistics. The divorce rate has risen back up to 1.98 percent, which is not far off from the average of 2.09 percent.

Georgia couples are now finding happiness in being able to live the single life, and they are taking advantage of it by separating themselves from what may have been an unhappy marriage. The cost of possible legal fees from a divorce, in addition to living in a one-income household, is no longer a fear of many couples seeking a divorce. Couples are now able to divorce with ease, knowing that a happy, single life follows the dissolution of marriage.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Divorces rise as economy recovers, study finds, Emily Alpert Reyes, Jan. 27, 2014