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Starting a divorce in Georgia on Valentine’s Day?

It is said that the months of January and February are the busiest months for divorce attorneys. The holidays are over. Many couples want to begin the New Year with a fresh start and so they start taking the necessary steps for a divorce. In Georgia, with Valentine’s Day upon us, many couples decide to press forward instead of focusing on a romantic holiday.

Hollywood movies have unfortunately given many people an ugly, unrealistic picture of how divorces are handled. Many believe that lawyers act like pit bulls, fight every detail out in a courtroom and may end up charging them thousands in legal fees. After beginning the divorce process, many couples find that divorces are not what they imagined. Some divorcing couples find that a divorce is more of a transition than a legal battle ground.

Many couples who are seeking a divorce are now finding very satisfying ways to settle their divorces. Mediation is one of the few ways divorcing couples are able to settle many issues outside of the courtroom. Mediation has resulted in higher satisfaction among clients, divorce settlements resolved in a shorter time frame, better relationships for parenting and many times an increased amount of privacy.

Even though a divorce can be difficult and a roller coaster of emotions, many find that there are alternative ways, with qualified legal help, to go about a divorce. In Georgia, going alternative routes, such as mediation, can allow parents to remain the parents they need to be for their children while they end their marriage amicably. Losing the desire to be with your soon to be ex-spouse on Valentine’s Day may be a hard decision, but being able to move forward after a divorce can be one of the best gifts possible.

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