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5 key ways to save time and money during a divorce in Georgia

Divorces can truly become a game for many couples. Emotions can turn to actions, and those emotional actions can make someone do unthinkable things. In Georgia, there are five big things can help soon to be ex-spouses save a lot of time, money and emotional distress throughout their divorce.

Keeping the children as the main priority is the best goal for both parties. When both parents remain in frequent and regular contact with their children, this can help keep a solid bond. Parents should never hold children against an ex-spouse as leverage for control or for more child support. Not only can it hurt financially, but doing so could be emotional for both parent and child. Dragging an ex-spouse and the children through court for more child support can be traumatic and many times unsuccessful.

Parents may benefit from trying to help the divorce process instead of hindering it. Those who try to drag out the process can not only get hurt emotionally but financially as well. Knowing how to financially prepare to go from one household to two households can also help both parties adapt and adjust to their new single lives. Having a clear understanding of potential alimony and child support can also help keep a solid plan in place.

With the financial uncertainty of the economy, it can be hard to pay child support and alimony. Divorcing spouses would be wise to file for a modification to the court-ordered amount. These few tips can help save one or even both parties’ time and money while going through a divorce in Georgia. In the court system, fighting means more time, and time is money.

Source: The Huffington Post, 5 Dumb Mistakes Dads Make During Divorce and How to Avoid Them, B. Robert Farzad, Feb. 13, 2014