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Knowing what can be involved during a divorce in Georgia

There are numerous feelings, concerns and questions that present themselves during a divorce. In Georgia, one of the best ways to handle a divorce is to have a full understanding of what to expect. Knowing what questions to ask before starting the divorce process can help ease the sometimes disheartening and stressful process.

No matter where a divorce happens, it can sometimes cost money. Before starting the process, it is best to know what fees could be accrued, and start putting aside what is deemed necessary. There is no way to know the exact amount until the process is over, so setting aside a little extra can be a good idea. It may be best to know exactly what information will be needed to start the divorce process. One should try to have current copies of all pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, retirement accounts and credit card statements.

If children are involved in the divorce process, it is helpful to have a good understanding of how child support is determined. Also, find out how the courts will determine child custody and visitation. It is always best to try to come to an agreement with a soon-to-be ex-spouse before the court date. Otherwise, the courts could mandate a mediator to make recommendations for child custody and a visitation schedule. It may even be beneficial to start a daily timeshare journal to document any incidents that might have come up while determining child custody and visitation.

There is often no way to emotionally prepare for a divorce. In Georgia, having the right knowledge can be beneficial during the process, however. Being educated and fully aware of the process can help move a divorce case forward. It is helpful to know what information will be required, what the cost may be and to understand how issues are determined. This can help ease the divorce process for all parties involved.

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