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Tips for navigating child custody agreements

For many Georgia parents, the first year following a divorce can be a challenge. There are a great many adjustments that must be made, and the entire family has to realign their lives to fit the new child custody structure. Co-parenting with a former spouse can be difficult, especially as parents work out the ins and outs of the new child custody arrangement. There are some pointers, however, that can help ease the process for all involved.

One good place to begin is to honor and respect the importance that the other parent plays in the life of their child. Just because the marriage ended, the parent-child bond remains, and it should be treated with care. It is never a good idea to speak poorly of the other parent in the presence of the child.

In addition, it is imperative that each parent shares in the major moments of a child’s upbringing. These include special events, significant milestones and the celebration of holidays and accomplishments. By actively supporting the other parent’s involvement in the child’s life, a parent is not only providing a good example of how to interact with others, but also makes the child feel comfortable and loved, instead of being placed in the center of adult disputes.

It should first be pointed out that in order to successfully co-parent, each former spouse must be able and willing to assume new roles in the lives of their children. While some things will remain the same, there will be changes as everyone adapts to two households instead of one. While many former spouses will be able to make this transition with relatively few concerns, there are cases in which it becomes necessary to ask a Georgia family court judge to modify the existing child custody agreement.

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