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Tips for communicating with your children after divorce

All parents struggle with trying to communicate and maintain a close connection with their children. Every family can face challenges with communication, but divorced parents often have more issues when communicating with their children during and after their divorce.

More children are okay after divorce than previously thought

Divorce has been said to be harmful for children but a new study is proving that this myth is wrong. A new study found that a majority of children with divorced parents do not experience any serious issues after their parents' divorce.

Prenuptial agreement thrown out in landmark divorce ruling

Prenuptial agreements are supposed to protect spouse's assets in the event of divorce. While couples getting divorce can try and have the prenuptial agreement voided or thrown out, it doesn't happen very often. However, a recent divorce case shows just how rare it is to have a prenuptial agreement vacated and the ruling may impact future divorce cases.

Financial tips to consider during divorce

Many couples going through divorce worry about the financial impact it will have on their lives. Despite the challenges of addressing the financial concerns after divorce, it is important for couples to understand how their finances may change and what steps to take to create a secure financial future.

Value of home can impact property division during divorce

Many married couples getting divorced struggle over what to do with their house. Property division can get complicated in some cases, especially when the couple's house is the largest asset they shared during their marriage.

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