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Trial date set for Kardashian divorce

The divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries may soon be finalized as a Los Angeles judge has set a trial date for May. The long contested divorce process has lasted for over a year and half since the couple separated.

Why has their divorce taken so long? Unlike many celebrity divorces, their separation has been very public and the couple has not been able to agree to a divorce settlement, mainly because Humphries has been seeking an annulment and they have not been able to agree to terms of their divorce agreement.

Many well-known and wealthy couples try to settle their divorce privately and quickly. However, Kardashian and Humphries have not been able to agree on personal and financial issues that need to be addressed in their divorce settlement, so the process has dragged on but hopefully for not much longer.

The Los Angeles judge set a May 6 trial date for their divorce and both individuals are required to attend. They will also be required to have a pretrial hearing in the middle of April.

While most divorce cases are not seen in the public eye or last this long, when couples cannot agree to a divorce settlement, the process can last much longer. People who are going through a contested divorce should consult a divorce attorney to discuss their specific case and what issues are being disputed between the couple. A divorce attorney can help an individual decide the best possible solution to come to an agreement and finalize their divorce.

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