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‘Huntsman’ director’s wife files for divorce

When any couple’s divorce is contested, the proceedings have the potential to go on for quite some time. For those Georgia residents who are undergoing the long process of working out alimony and child custody arrangements, terming it taxing and trying may be adequate description. It’s easy to say that divorce is complicated and emotional, but when you and your spouse are unable to decide on the welfare of your children or asset division, ’emotional’ doesn’t even cover the half of it.

Model Liberty Ross was plastered across headlines and front pages this past summer due to the photographs of her husband Rupert Sanders and actress Kristen Stewart. Regardless of the events of months past, the star couple has been reported to have filed for divorce after a ten-year marriage. They both are said to be asking for joint custody of their two children and Ross reportedly requests spousal support and certain assets in their property division. 

Potential issues surrounding child support as an extension from child custody or even previously agreed upon terms from a prenuptial can come up in the divorce process. While it is stated that there was no mention of a prenuptial in the case of Ross and Sanders’ divorce, the matter of property division has already been addressed, as Ross is reported to have requested several items acquired during the divorce, including jewelry and income between the two.

Georgians who are involved in a contentious divorce may wish to contact an experienced lawyer to best know how to proceed. It can be extremely complex and difficult to manage on one’s own. While in the proceedings for a settlement or appeal, understanding the options that are available could allow for terms that could be more agreeable or comfortable to both parties.

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