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Does the divorce rate increase after Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day over, will the number of divorce filings increase? January is known as the month with the most divorces but a new study shows that February, particularly after Valentine’ Day, may also see an increase in divorce filings.

A new study found that the divorce rate increased by more than 40 percent following Valentine’s Day. Researchers suggested that many people who are thinking about getting divorced at the beginning of the year wait until after Valentine’s Day to see if they really want to get divorced or not.

The study suggested that many couples considering divorce in January wait to see how Valentine’s Day goes and if their marriage isn’t any better, they file for divorce in February. Couples who enjoyed their Valentine’s Day celebration were more likely to try and make their marriage work compared to couples who felt that their relationship wasn’t working any more. The study concluded that many couples use Valentine’s Day as a test of their relationship to see if their marriage will work or if they should end their marriage and file for divorce.

Divorce attorneys said they were not surprised of the study’s findings because many spouses or couples who get divorced in the beginning of the year often state that they contemplated divorce for quite some time.

Experts recommend that individuals thinking about filing for divorce in the first couples month of the year consult a divorce attorney to discuss specific issues and if any concerns need to be addressed before filing for divorce.

Source: Dr. Jays, “Did You Know That U.S. Divorce Rates Rise Immediately After Valentine’s Day ” Feb. 18, 2013