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Tips for Atlanta couples planning to divorce in 2013

If you have been thinking about filing for divorce from your spouse, you may have decided to hold off on your divorce until after the holiday season. This is a highly common approach among couples in Atlanta and across the country, especially if they have children for whom they want to preserve the happy memories of the holidays. For others, the holiday season is just too busy on its own without adding on the often-monumental task of divorce.

For those and a multitude of other reasons, January is traditionally the month in which the most divorce filings are made in Georgia. If you are one of the many people who will file for divorce next month, you may want to do a few things now in order to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for this major life change.

First, you should obtain your financial documents. This is actually a highly convenient time of year to prepare for divorce because this is when your bank, mortgage lender, credit card companies and other financial institutions will send you end-of-year statements. Make copies of these now to save yourself a significant amount of work next year.

Second, you should take some time to assess and maintain your individual financial situation. Request a copy of your credit report and correct any mistakes it may contain. Open checking, savings and credit card accounts in your own name.

Third, start gathering your divorce team. Depending on your situation, this team could include a family law attorney, a financial planner, a child and family therapist or any other people you feel are necessary to help you through divorce. Start researching potential team members now and set up meetings in January. Then you can go confidently into 2013, prepared to file for divorce and whatever it may bring.

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