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Usher orders ex-wife out of Atlanta home

Georgia-based singer Usher Raymond has reportedly asked his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, to vacate the Atlanta-area home that was awarded to him under the terms of the couple’s divorce decree. Raymond has placed the home up for sale, which means that Foster will have to find a new place to live.

Although the divorce became final in 2009, Raymond allowed his ex-wife to remain in the home for the last few years. The terms of their divorce decree stipulated, however, that Raymond had the right to sell the home at any time. It appears that he is now exercising that right, placing the home up for sale. It is possible that the couple’s messy custody battle, which concluded this summer when Raymond was awarded custody of the couple’s two sons, may have sparked his desire to sell the home.

He is reportedly seeking $3.2 million for the 12,544 square foot home, which he purchased in 2007 for $3 million.

When the couple divorced, Foster reportedly had no real income, and relied on Raymond for her financial well-being. However, she now runs a small business, and will hopefully be able to afford a new living situation.

It appears, however, that Foster may be having some serious financial problems in the wake of her divorce from Raymond, their subsequent custody battle and the death of her son from a previous relationship. Last month, it was revealed that Foster has been threatened with eviction from three retail spaces she rents in a Georgia business complex as a result of her failure to pay the rent on those locations.

Source: Chicago Defender, “Singer Usher Evicts Ex-Wife Tameka From Georgia Mansion,” Ruth Manuel-Logan, Nov. 13, 2012