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Atlanta reality star to receive $75,000 in back child support

A former cast member of the Bravo reality show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" will soon receive a reported $75,000 in back child support from her ex-husband, who has been ordered to repay his child support arrears by early next month.

How to survive your first post-divorce holiday season (2)

Earlier this week, we wrote a blog post offering tips for Atlanta parents on how to remain positive and to keep the holidays happy, even when you are struggling to deal with a recent divorce and are unable to share the holiday season with your children in the way that you would like.

How to survive your first post-divorce holiday season

Next week, children across Georgia will get dressed up in their spooky, sparkly costumes and go from door-to-door, seeking candy handouts from neighbors and friends. Although it may not be possible to enjoy Halloween as much as children do (Costumes! Staying up past bedtime! CANDY!), most parents really enjoy experiencing the holiday with their children. So what happens if you are recently divorced and, per your custody agreement, will not be the one taking your child trick-or-treating this year?

Maintaining a stepfamily relationship after divorce

When two families join together in marriage, it can take some time for family members to really accept and care for one another. After time, however, many stepfamilies come to love one another as if they were related by blood. So what happens if that marriage ends in divorce and the stepfamily is divided? If they are no longer bound by either legal or biological ties, what holds formerly-close stepbrothers, stepsisters and other stepfamily members together?

Prenup will control Russell Crowe property division

It was announced earlier this month that Russell Crowe and his wife, Danielle Spencer, were planning to divorce after nine years of marriage. Although neither Crowe nor Spencer has made a public statement on the reasons for or logistics of their divorce, the couple is believed to have signed a prenuptial agreement before they married. This gives an indication of how their property and assets will be divided in their divorce settlement.

Custody case demonstrates need for assisted reproduction laws

In recent years, more Atlanta residents are turning to methods of assisted reproductive technology to conceive and have their children. These include in vitro fertilization, egg and sperm donation, surrogacy and the like. However, in Georgia and most other states, the field of assisted reproduction technology continues to go largely unregulated, with no appropriate laws to help families and family court judges resolve disagreements about child custody, child support, parenting time and visitation.

Can you undo a prenup?

In recent years, prenuptial agreements have grown increasingly popular among engaged couples in Atlanta and throughout the country, whether or not the soon-to-be-spouses are entering their marriage with significant assets. In fact, in a recent Reuters article, one family law attorney estimated that prenups are now at least 10 times more common than they were just 20 years earlier.

Dividing a vacation home in divorce

According to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors, homeowners in Atlanta and around the United States purchased more than 500,000 vacation homes in 2011. This was an increase of 7 percent from the number bought in 2010. So with more couples buying second homes, it follows that more couples are finding themselves disagreeing on how to divide their second home in divorce.

Usher discusses Atlanta custody ruling in new interview

In late August, after a bitter court battle, an Atlanta family court judge awarded R&B singer Usher Raymond primary physical custody of his 4- and 3-year-old sons. His ex-wife, stylist Tameka Foster, is still fighting to win custody of the couple's children, and has filed a motion for a new trial in the case.

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