Month: March 2012

Tony Robbins’ lessons for life after divorce

The decision to divorce is not an easy one. Even if you know that you will be happier in the end, it can be difficult to navigate the many legal and personal challenges that a divorce can present. In addition to family court proceedings, financial changes, and altered...

Why is March the most popular month for divorce?

With spring fast approaching, many people in Georgia are looking forward to a fresh start. For some, that means doing something relatively minor, such as cleaning out a closet or a new fitness regime. For others, spring motivates them to making a major life change...

The tax implications of divorce, part two

Earlier this week, we wrote about some of the many tax considerations of a couple who is recently divorced or who are in the process of ending their marriage. Thus far, we have discussed whether couples should file jointly or as individuals during or after a divorce,...


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