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Judge denies custody request from Halle Berry’s ex

A family court judge has issued a denial to a motion made by Gabriel Aubry, actress Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her three-year-old daughter. In his motion, Aubry requested that the judge rescind the earlier order that a nanny be present whenever Aubry has custody of the couple’s daughter, Nahla.

According to court records, the nanny order applies specifically to the times when Aubry is caring for Nahla in Europe. Currently, the father and daughter are living in Spain while Berry films a movie in Majorca.

Under the order, Aubry is permitted three unsupervised hours with his daughter, during which time he can take her to public places like a park or a shopping center. At all other times, including during overnight stays, a nanny must be present.

Celebrity entertainment websites report that Aubry is angry that he is under constant supervision when he has custody of Nahla, and that he feels that the nanny is intruding on his relationship with his daughter. However, due to the history of accusations of domestic violence made against Aubry by Berry, including allegations of verbal abuse and neglect of Nahla, the court reportedly included the nanny requirement as a condition of granting custody to Aubry.

Aubry, a Canadian model, and Berry dated for about five years before separating in the spring of 2010. Since then, they have been embroiled in a bitter and accusatory child custody fight over Nahla, much of which has been reported in the press. It is unlikely that this will be the pair’s last go-round in family court.

Source: Daily Mail, “Court backs Halle Berry in fight with ex Gabriel Aubry over custody of daughter Nahla,” Todd Cunningham, Oct. 19, 2011