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Charlie Sheen’s ‘winning’ streak ends with child custody battle

He may or may not be a warlock, but news sources report that Charlie Sheen lost his most recent bid to get sole custody of his twin sons from ex-wife Brooke Mueller this week. It’s another setback for Sheen, who was fired from his well-paying “Two and a Half Men” job in March.

In a closed-door session that lasted hours in a Los Angeles court, a judge ultimately determined the couple’s child custody arrangement – wherein Mueller has primary custody – should not be changed. She was reportedly given primary physical custody of the boys in the divorce settlement earlier this year.

Sheen’s attorneys apparently say Mueller is no longer fit to care for the children after a relapse. According to sources, she had won a temporary restraining order last month, prompting police to remove the twins from Sheen’s home.

Sheen’s erratic behavior over the last couple of years has called into question his ability to properly parent his children. He was charged with assaulting Mueller in 2009. Months later he was hospitalized after a squabble in a hotel room, and most recently completed treatment after admitted drug use.

Sheen’s case might seem extreme, but it illustrates how any family court, including those in Georgia, strives to keep the children’s best interest at heart.

Some would argue the best way to win child custody would be to follow the law, keep a low profile and provide a healthy example for children.

Whether Sheen agrees with that sentiment or not, he left the court following the hearing to fly to Washington D.C., where he continued his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour.


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