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February 2011 Archives

Gates to support federal legislation protecting troops' custody rights

A military lifestyle can complicate the already often complicated matter of child custody battles. One of the barriers service members often face in seeking custody of their children is that their career can be used against them.

International custody battle falls into hands of Georgia judge

In our previous post, we began to look at the story of an Italian man and woman who became involved in an international custody battle when an Italian court awarded custody to the mother and a Georgia court awarded custody to the father. Here we continue that story.

International custody battle falls into hands of Georgia judge

Custody battles are rarely straightforward and easily handled. Besides the emotion involved in such disputes, there is the often difficult determination of what is really in the best interests of the child.

Unmarried couples: the importance of property rights agreements

In our last post, we began discussing property division for unmarried couples who decide to separate, and the importance of having a written agreement specifying their rights and obligations in regard to property ownership in the event of their separation. We left off discussing the first way property may be held by unmarried couples, namely joint tenancy.

Facebook and Divorce

Facebook gives users the ability to portray their whole personal life on the internet, and makes it possible to be in constant connection with intimate details of the lives of others. Millions of people use it every day connect with friends, upload photos, share links and videos, and research those they meet in "real life."

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