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Social Networking Sites and Family Law

Social networking has become enormously popular with people of all demographics.  They first gained popularity with teens, but quickly developed a following among adults of all ages.  They are a great way of keeping up with friends as we all lead hectic lives.  They are also a great way to re-connect with friends from the past, with whom one has lost touch.

Social networking is not always a good idea for someone involved in domestic litigation however.  Like most other things, social networking sites remain fine if used with discretion.  However, indiscretion on a social networking site can be a disaster for a domestic case.
Many people assume that their social networking sites are secure, and therefore their postings are secure.  That is not necessarily true.  There is no way to be sure that your information will not fall into the wrong hands.  Social networking sites that have been used indiscretely provide wonderful evidence — frequently photographic evidence — to be used against someone in a case.
Remember, it is not always the litigant that posts the indiscrete information.  Without any ill intent, one of your social networking connections may post an indiscrete photograph, or post information that is useful to your opponent in litigation.  The posting doesn’t have to be admissible evidence in order to lead to the discovery of evidence that is admissible in court.
If you are involved in domestic litigation, speak with your attorney about your social networking activity.  Be frank with your attorney about what you may have posted on your social networking site; as well as about what may have been posted about you.  Someone who is not your friend may get access to that information.  Let your attorney advise you.