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What happens to retirement accounts in a Georgia divorce?

Wage-earners contemplating a divorce sometimes think their pension accounts do not count as marital property. After all, they were the only ones contributing, so why should they divide the account?

Georgia divorce law, however, considers all types of retirement accounts marital property as long as one of the spouses contributed to it during the marriage. Funds that originated prior to the marriage generally count as separate property.

Financial aspects to consider when divorcing as a senior woman

Are you a senior woman considering a divorce? You are not alone. The rate of divorce among seniors has increased significantly over the decades, rising from 2.8 percent to 15 percent, reports the L.A. Times. This growing trend of “gray divorce” has many causes, from staying together for the kids to the relationship suffering from continual wear and tear. Regardless of your reason for wanting to move on, one thing remains the same: you need to be aware of the considerations unique to a gray divorce because there are more financial consequences at this age.


How to modify a finalized divorce in Georgia

Usually the finalization of your divorce brings relief because it is over and you can try to move forward with your life. However, sometimes it can lead to more strife because it may result in an undesirable outcome for you, your spouse may appeal the decree or conditions may change that warrant a modification. Whatever the circumstances, you do not need to feel hopeless, because you have options. It is possible to modify certain aspects of your divorce settlement.

How domestic violence affects child custody in Georgia

As if divorce were not difficult enough, leaving an abusive marriage makes it even more so. You are likely to face more hurdles not only from your vengeful spouse but also from the judicial system. You may not fit the stereotype of an abuse victim. You may not be meek, fearful and dependent but outspoken, angry and independent instead. You may be wealthy or suffer from a mental illness. You may experience verbal abuse, not physical.

How documentation eliminates unnecessary conflict in your divorce

The length of time it takes to get a divorce in Georgia can be frustrating, especially if your spouse is hostile and uncooperative. While some parts of the process require specific periods of time, there are things you can do to speed up the rest. Some of these include hiring a divorce lawyer to prevent delays due to mistakes, gathering together required information and paperwork in a timely manner and documenting everything. When you can easily present evidence in your favor, it can eliminate conflict and therefore quicken your divorce proceedings. The following are some of the things you should document.

The benefits of establishing paternity

Child custody and child support are not only applicable to married couples getting a divorce. They also are relevant to unmarried couples who don't stay together. However, you must establish paternity to claim joint custody or monetary support. You may be hesitant to do this, but establishing paternity brings benefits to all parties involved.

4 signs your spouse is hiding property

Deciding on financial matters is almost always a cause of conflict between divorcing spouses - and even more so in a high-asset divorce with more property for the couple to fight over. It is possible to make things go more smoothly by gathering all financial information and deciding on a mutually agreeable solution.

However, if your spouse is uncooperative, this may not be an option. In fact, your spouse may be trying to hide property from you. Watch out for these four signs that this could be happening.

Heads up parents: It's okay to disagree with a GAL report

Even though the position of a guardian ad litem (GAL) is to ensure a child's best interests are taken into consideration in a custody determination, parents don't always agree with what GALs consider to be the best course of action. This is because most parents believe they know what's best for their children, not some stranger who barely knows their child let alone the situation they are in.

Courts often put a lot of weight on GAL reports, as we point out in this article. As such, a parent may feel anxious to voice a disagreement with the GAL's decision because of concerns about how the court will view a challenge to a GAL's findings. A parent may even worry that a GAL's decision is final and that voicing disapproval will not make a difference.

Does permanent really mean forever with alimony?

If you're currently in the throes of divorce, chances are you have a lot on your mind. From dividing marital assets to negotiating a fair - or at least reasonable - child custody order, divorce forces you to consider a lot of things, including things you don't normally think about, like alimony.

Most people who go through divorce simply want to be done with their ex-spouse when everything is all said and done, but alimony seems to throw a wrench into the mix. That's because alimony forces the paying person to continue to be a part - albeit a minuscule one - of their ex's life. And if that order is for permanent alimony, the worry is that they may never truly be free from their ex.

Five important things to consider when divorcing as a senior

What was once considered taboo more than 60 years ago, divorce has become mostly socially acceptable, especially among women who generally had the most challenging time following a divorce decades ago. As such, many couples who thought they would have to "tough things out" are looking to dissolve their marriage now - sometimes even after spending decades being married.

Called gray divorce, this new trend, while it does offer a chance for long-term couples to move on with their lives once and for all, also comes with its challenges. For seniors looking to divorce, here are five important things you will want to consider before saying, "I don't." 

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