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Divorce and family law matters are of key importance in people's lives and touch upon essential aspects of your lifestyle and identity. The decisions you make today can result in a brighter tomorrow for you and your children.

The comforting guidance and solid support of a skilled family law attorney is essential to this process to help you transition to a serene, secure post-divorce future.

In Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding areas, you will find the experienced divorce and family representation you need — and attentive personal service you deserve — at Hill / Macdonald, LLC with its experienced Marietta divorce and family lawyers.

Divorce lawyers often deal with areas of the law such as bankruptcy, criminal law, corporate law, disability, probate and domestic violence. Attorneys Vic Brown Hill and Brad E. Macdonald are well known throughout the region as divorce trial lawyers who boldly address complex issues in pursuit of favorable outcomes for their clients.

While we understand the benefits of uncontested divorce, mediation and settlement for many people, our clients are often involved in adversarial disputes. At Hill / Macdonald, LLC, we prepare each divorce case as if it will go to trial. Strong preparation can result in quick, favorable resolution by settlement. Operating in this way allows us to save clients money by spending more time upfront in the "discovery" phase of divorce litigation.

Our Complete Focus on Divorce Means Cutting-Edge Representation for You

You can trust the full-service, quality family lawyers of Hill / Macdonald, LLC, to work hard for positive outcomes in practice areas such as:

Our practice in family law is comprehensive, even to the extent of family law appeals. Our Hill / Macdonald, LLC, appellate practice is distinguished by in-depth investigation and research, thoughtful writing and persuasive presentation that get results.

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