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Make child support payments or else, warn Georgia state workers

Georgia law enforcement officials are sending a clear message to the state's divorced parents: pay your child support payments or expect trouble. State workers declared 2011 the year they will crack down on child support payment dodgers, and enforcement officials have shown that they mean business.

Child Support and the Problem of 'Debtor Imprisonment': Part II

In our previous post we began looking at the issue of deadbeat parents who are imprisoned for failure to pay child support. Increasingly, parents who have been incarcerated for not paying child support are filing motions requesting representation to ensure due process.

Michigan Case Centers Attention on Child Support Law

Child support - often a central component in a divorce settlement - can sometimes take a surreal twist in the aftermath of a separation, especially when the media gets hold of a story like the following, which is admittedly a bit sensational.

Jury Denies $134 Million Child Support Demand

Donald Bren's two adult children weren't happy about the child support payments that their father made to their mother on their behalf over the years. Those payments were not awarded by a family court, but, rather, were sent to their mother in an out-of-court agreement. The kids - now aged 22 and 18 - considered the amounts received as being woefully short of what they should have gotten, and they took the matter to a trial in Los Angeles in pursuit of retroactive support - a deficiency payment, essentially - that they believed constituted a more reasonable amount.

Embracing the Radical Right to Avoid Paying Child Support

Apparently, some people will do just about anything to avoid paying child support, including adopting radical anti-government ideology that they say exempts them from the requirement to do so.

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