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Can a family court judge ban a dad from having kids?

Recently, a family court judge handed down a very unique order: he forbade a father from having any more children until he could show that he could support the additional child as well as his existing kids. Although this case did not take place in Atlanta, we felt that it was unique and noteworthy enough to share with our Georgia blog readers, and we would be interested to hear your opinions on the judge's decision.

Prenup declared valid in football player's divorce

When a couple signs a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, they likely believe that doing so will protect them from a messy, bitter family court fight should they ever decide to divorce. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Atlanta reality star to receive $75,000 in back child support

A former cast member of the Bravo reality show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" will soon receive a reported $75,000 in back child support from her ex-husband, who has been ordered to repay his child support arrears by early next month.

How child support could affect your car loan

Whether you are paying or receiving child support, those payments could affect many other areas of your financial life for as long as you, on behalf of your child or children, pay or receive them. One example is if you are attempting to take out an auto loan and purchase a car.

Georgia family court: Holyfield owes $565k in child support debt

Last month, we wrote that Evander Holyfield had finalized his divorce from his third wife, after two years of marriage and two children together, as well as contentious allegations of abuse and infidelity. Although the couple was able to reach a divorce settlement agreement in a seemingly-harmonious manner, it appears that Holyfield's family law issues are far from over.

Could Facebook hurt your Atlanta divorce case?

In a 2010 survey of U.S. divorce attorneys, more than 80 percent reported that they had seen an increase in the number of family law cases in which social media posts and photos were used as evidence in the last five years. And as Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites continue to grow in usage and popularity, this number will likely only increase.

Evander Holyfield finalizes divorce in Georgia

After nearly a decade of marriage, former heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield and his wife have divorced, according to entertainment media reports. Their divorce was finalized in Georgia family court last month, almost nine years to the day from the couple's wedding day and two years after the divorce petition was filed. They have two children together.

Georgia football player arrested for child support nonpayment

Four months after filing for bankruptcy, a former professional football player was arrested this week on charges that he had failed to make his court-ordered child support payments. But despite his financial situation and the criminal charges against him, Jamal Lewis insisted to the media that he has paid his child support as directed, stating that the allegations against him are simply a 'misunderstanding.'

In Atlanta, Terrell Owens' child support case drags on

In the latest news from the ongoing saga that is Terrell Owens' child support case, the football player has reportedly fired his former Georgia family law attorney after the lawyer reportedly failed to inform him of a pending family court date. Owens has already retained the services of a new child support lawyer, and had a makeup court date scheduled for today. There is no word yet on whether Owens was present for the rescheduled hearing, although it certainly would not have boded well for him if he had missed yet another court appearance.

Treaty would make international child support collection easier

Whether your child's other parent lives here in Marietta or somewhere across the country, collecting court-ordered child support can be a challenge. However, the police agencies and courts in most jurisdictions are ready and willing to help uphold child support orders from other parts of the country. But what happens if your child's other parent lives in a different country? Depending on the country, there may be no way to enforce the child support order and get the payments that you and your child need to make ends meet.

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