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What can ADR help you resolve in a divorce?

Many people think that divorce, by its very nature, necessitates a dispute between former spouses. While stress and discomfort are likely inevitable, a dispute does not have to be. Litigation is ultimately unnecessary, and instead of going to court, you may be able to opt for an alternative dispute resolution. ADR, or mediation, is one of the best options for navigating a divorce amicably and effectively.

What happens to retirement accounts in a Georgia divorce?

Wage-earners contemplating a divorce sometimes think their pension accounts do not count as marital property. After all, they were the only ones contributing, so why should they divide the account?

4 signs your spouse is hiding property

Deciding on financial matters is almost always a cause of conflict between divorcing spouses - and even more so in a high-asset divorce with more property for the couple to fight over. It is possible to make things go more smoothly by gathering all financial information and deciding on a mutually agreeable solution.

Value of home can impact property division during divorce

Many married couples getting divorced struggle over what to do with their house. Property division can get complicated in some cases, especially when the couple's house is the largest asset they shared during their marriage.

How the real estate market may impact your divorce

When couples getting divorced own a home, they will need to decide what to do with the property. Some couples choose to sell the house and split the profit while other couples decide that one person will continue to live in the house. With today's current housing market, both of these options may be difficult.

Dodgers Divorce, Property Dispute Ruling Prolongs the Endgame

In one of our previous blogs (September 13), we noted the central role that division of marital property can play in a divorce proceeding, especially where substantial assets are involved. Having a solid family law attorney with experience in asset valuation, business division and related matters can be key to obtaining a positive outcome.

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