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What happens to retirement accounts in a Georgia divorce?

Wage-earners contemplating a divorce sometimes think their pension accounts do not count as marital property. After all, they were the only ones contributing, so why should they divide the account?

Financial aspects to consider when divorcing as a senior woman

Are you a senior woman considering a divorce? You are not alone. The rate of divorce among seniors has increased significantly over the decades, rising from 2.8 percent to 15 percent, reports the L.A. Times. This growing trend of "gray divorce" has many causes, from staying together for the kids to the relationship suffering from continual wear and tear.

4 signs your spouse is hiding property

Deciding on financial matters is almost always a cause of conflict between divorcing spouses - and even more so in a high-asset divorce with more property for the couple to fight over. It is possible to make things go more smoothly by gathering all financial information and deciding on a mutually agreeable solution.

Five important things to consider when divorcing as a senior

What was once considered taboo more than 60 years ago, divorce has become mostly socially acceptable, especially among women who generally had the most challenging time following a divorce decades ago. As such, many couples who thought they would have to "tough things out" are looking to dissolve their marriage now - sometimes even after spending decades being married.

How are business holdings treated in a Georgia divorce?

Most business owners take great pride in the work they put into their businesses, because for them, their business may be their biggest investment and largest source of income. It's understandable then that they would have questions and concerns about their business holdings, especially in the event of divorce.

Property division sometimes highly contested in divorce

Georgia couples who are entering court proceedings for divorce will want to avoid some of the most common pitfalls that seem to cause discord and ignite tempers. Among the issues that are most highly contested in divorce is the topic of property division. Seeking legal counsel in the matter can help you work toward and achieve an amicable resolution and agreeable settlement.

Protecting an inheritance during property division

When a Georgia marriage comes to an end, one of the primary focal points within the divorce involves the division of marital property. For those spouses who have been left an inheritance, protecting that gift from the property division process is often a concern. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to exclude an inheritance from division unless the following protective measures were taken.

The importance of ensuring your share of the marital assets

When two individuals make the commitment to enter into a marriage, they may fully intend to join all aspects of their lives. However, if either spouse brought a greater share of resources into the marriage, or later contributed more time and effort to raising a family, then each party deserves to receive an equitable share of the marital assets in the event of a divorce. Since Georgia is an equitable division state, how you handle your particular property division can make all of the difference to your future security and well-being.

Is your family dog on the property division list in Georgia?

The furry member of a family may be just as loved as the children in a home or considered the only child. Unfortunately, the law only views an animal as another piece of property. In Georgia, the beloved pet is put on the property division list with the silverware, furniture, car and home.

Georgia property division: Who gets the family pet?

Many pet owners don't consider their pet a piece of property. For many, their beloved pet is truly a member of the family. But in Georgia, when going through a divorce, the question of who gets the family pet is part of the personal property division of the settlement.

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