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Maintaining a stepfamily relationship after divorce

When two families join together in marriage, it can take some time for family members to really accept and care for one another. After time, however, many stepfamilies come to love one another as if they were related by blood. So what happens if that marriage ends in divorce and the stepfamily is divided? If they are no longer bound by either legal or biological ties, what holds formerly-close stepbrothers, stepsisters and other stepfamily members together?

New programs help military couples avoid divorce

Last year, more than 30,000 military couples ended their marriages, marking the highest military divorce rate since 1999. The reasons for this increase are not difficult to discern: The United States' involvement in multiple overseas conflicts means that more service members are being deployed more often for longer lengths of time.

Do 'cold feet' before marriage signal impending divorce?

It is safe to say that a majority of Atlanta couples experience a good deal of anxiety and nerves during the engagement process, and especially in the months, days and minutes leading up to their wedding. But according to a new study, couples who experience those normal feelings at above-average levels may be more likely to divorce than others who wed with little to no anxiety and uncertainty.

How the children decision can lead to divorce

When you are engaged and planning your wedding, it is generally a very exciting time. Once the date has been set, invitations sent and RSVPs received, it usually takes a very significant issue to derail your upcoming nuptials. So many couples, upon learning something about their future spouse that would normally be classified as a 'deal-breaker,' choose to ignore that detail with the (often misguided) belief that love can overcome all, and that they will be able to work it out after the wedding.

Societal changes contribute to falling divorce rate

Although statistics seem to indicate that the divorce rate has remained constant over the past several decades, a closer look reveals otherwise, according to a recent CNBC report. Specifically, the number of people who have been divorced has dropped significantly in the past decade, especially among younger people, indicating that the overall divorce rate will soon be on the decline.

Divorcing before 30? How to deal

Today, women are waiting longer to get married than they ever have before, due to a variety of changing cultural norms and priorities. However, more than half of women in Georgia and across the U.S. still get married before they turn 30. And because the divorce rate continues to hover around 50 percent, many of these young marriages end, leaving about 10 percent of women divorced by 30.

Is cohabitation healthier than marriage?

According to a recent study into the relative health benefits of cohabitation and marriage, researchers came to a surprising conclusion. People who choose to live together without marrying may be more happy and healthy and have better social ties than married couples.

Should marriage have an expiration date?

Last week, members of the legislature in Mexico proposed a controversial change to the Mexican civil code as it relates to marriage and divorce. Specifically, members of Mexico's left wing political party proposed that marriage licenses should be temporary, with an expiration date set at the time of issuance. This will help lower the country's divorce rate, the politicians claim, by allowing marriages to simply expire if the couple no longer wants to be together.

Georgia divorce rate is above average, part one

According to U.S. Census data from 2009, Georgia is one of 14 states with divorce rates above the national average. The majority of states with an above-average divorce rate are in the south, which researchers partially attribute to a higher rate of marriage in the region.

Marriage, Divorce and Student Debt

It can probably be safely presumed that not many engaged couples compile checklists of compatibility points that might help to cumulatively gauge the likelihood of their future marital success. Likewise, even fewer probably tick off factors that can militate against an enduring union right from the outset.

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