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Report: Disabled parents have a custody disadvantage

A new comprehensive report has found that parents with disabilities many hurdles and obstacles when they attempt to obtain and keep custody of their children. Although the report focuses primarily on the plight of married parents with disabilities, it also notes that disabled parents are more likely to lose custody of their kids after a divorce or separation. In addition, they often face barriers in their attempts to adopt a child.

How is child custody decided in Georgia?

Last week, we wrote a blog post detailing the differences between physical and legal child custody. To summarize that discussion, physical custody refers to where a child lives, while legal custody refers to the right and responsibility to make important decisions about a child's health care, education, religion and the like.

Physical vs. legal child custody: What's the difference?

If you were to ask Atlanta residents who have not been through a divorce about the difference between physical and legal child custody, they would probably have no idea what you are talking about. Most people think of custody solely in terms of where the child is living, and while this is not technically incorrect, it is not the whole story.

How to survive your first post-divorce holiday season (2)

Earlier this week, we wrote a blog post offering tips for Atlanta parents on how to remain positive and to keep the holidays happy, even when you are struggling to deal with a recent divorce and are unable to share the holiday season with your children in the way that you would like.

How to survive your first post-divorce holiday season

Next week, children across Georgia will get dressed up in their spooky, sparkly costumes and go from door-to-door, seeking candy handouts from neighbors and friends. Although it may not be possible to enjoy Halloween as much as children do (Costumes! Staying up past bedtime! CANDY!), most parents really enjoy experiencing the holiday with their children. So what happens if you are recently divorced and, per your custody agreement, will not be the one taking your child trick-or-treating this year?

Usher discusses Atlanta custody ruling in new interview

In late August, after a bitter court battle, an Atlanta family court judge awarded R&B singer Usher Raymond primary physical custody of his 4- and 3-year-old sons. His ex-wife, stylist Tameka Foster, is still fighting to win custody of the couple's children, and has filed a motion for a new trial in the case.

Technology may be a sword, shield or useful tool in child custody

Throughout history, technology has been used for good and ill. Jet engines whisk people to far off destinations in hours, but they can also carry warheads. Medical advances have saved countless lives, but have also led to the proliferation of devastating biological weapons. Recently, a new child custody study has found that smartphones and other technological advances can also be a major source of good or ill for Atlanta couples that share custody of their kids.

Father makes unusual request in custody negotiations

If you and your spouse had decided to divorce, and you were asked to pick a few select dates and events that you wanted to spend with your children, what would you choose? Religious or secular holidays, or perhaps your birthday? What about an annual family reunion or some other special event?

How summer vacation can affect child custody

If this is your child's first summer break since you and your spouse divorced, you may have unsure of how the change in your child's schedule will affect your child custody and parenting time agreement. Hopefully, the agreement or court order contains sufficient details about any changes to your parenting time schedule during the summer months. But even the most detailed agreement can easily miss a key point, and even the most experienced family law attorney or family court can fail to anticipate an issue that could eventually arise.

Pet mediators can help resolve animal issues in divorce

If you are like most other Atlanta pet owners, you probably consider your dog, cat, bird or other animal to be a member of the family. But under the family laws of most states, pets are considered to be mere personal property, like a piece of furniture or jewelry. Because of that property status, many family court judges refuse to deal with a dispute over a pet, issuing an order based solely on the relevant property laws.

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