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The role of a guardian ad litem in a Georgia divorce

If you are beginning the divorce process with minor children in tow, you can expect custody issues to rank among the issues that dominate discussions. In some cases, a Georgia judge may choose to appoint a guardian ad litem.

Can Georgia agencies seek child custody in absence of abuse?

Parents in Georgia may be concerned to learn that the Supreme Court of another state has ruled that, even when there is no evidence of abuse, government agencies can ask for child custody in that state. The state does have to prove, for a behaviourally challenged child, that the parent cannot capably care for the child and the child would be best cared for by the state. There was a particular case from which this ruling was granted. Child custody was given to the state when the mother claimed she could no longer care for her daughters. The mother in question was divorced and had twin daughters who were, at the time the case began, nine years old. They were both psychologically and developmentally disabled and the mother felt she could no longer take care of them. She asked the state's welfare agency for help in getting residential care for the girls. The court ruled that the state would get custody of the girls. 

In a Georgia divorce the children may take a primary role

A divorce is hard on everyone. From the parties directly involved to the children, there are numerous ways in which a divorce can affect lives of those who are either directly or indirectly involved in the divorce process. However, by understanding how the process goes, the family can take the proper steps to ensure that they proceed through the Georgia legal process with as little damage as possible.

Tips for communicating with your children after divorce

All parents struggle with trying to communicate and maintain a close connection with their children. Every family can face challenges with communication, but divorced parents often have more issues when communicating with their children during and after their divorce.

More children are okay after divorce than previously thought

Divorce has been said to be harmful for children but a new study is proving that this myth is wrong. A new study found that a majority of children with divorced parents do not experience any serious issues after their parents' divorce.

Sesame Street tackles divorce

On the long-running children's television show "Sesame Street," it seems that the letter "D" stands for a new word: Divorce. That is because, for the first time in the show's 40-year history, it has produced a series on divorce that aims to educate and empathize with children whose parents are going through a split, teaching them that their feelings are acceptable and perfectly normal.

Can a family court judge ban a dad from having kids?

Recently, a family court judge handed down a very unique order: he forbade a father from having any more children until he could show that he could support the additional child as well as his existing kids. Although this case did not take place in Atlanta, we felt that it was unique and noteworthy enough to share with our Georgia blog readers, and we would be interested to hear your opinions on the judge's decision.

Kids need honesty and openness to deal with divorce

By nature, children tend to be selfish and self-absorbed. This is why, more often than not, kids are surprised and thrown off-guard when their parents announce that they have decided to divorce. But even if they see the split coming, adjusting to the changes it brings can be difficult for children of any age.

How the children decision can lead to divorce

When you are engaged and planning your wedding, it is generally a very exciting time. Once the date has been set, invitations sent and RSVPs received, it usually takes a very significant issue to derail your upcoming nuptials. So many couples, upon learning something about their future spouse that would normally be classified as a 'deal-breaker,' choose to ignore that detail with the (often misguided) belief that love can overcome all, and that they will be able to work it out after the wedding.

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