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Mother sentenced for failing to pay child support

Many times after a divorce, it is the children who suffer the most. Not only is it emotionally draining for children to watch the marriage of their parents fall apart, but it can also cause some financial hardships as well. If one parent in Georgia does not fulfill his or her child support obligations after a divorce, it can hinder a child's opportunities due to lack of financial stability.

In Atlanta, Terrell Owens' child support case drags on

In the latest news from the ongoing saga that is Terrell Owens' child support case, the football player has reportedly fired his former Georgia family law attorney after the lawyer reportedly failed to inform him of a pending family court date. Owens has already retained the services of a new child support lawyer, and had a makeup court date scheduled for today. There is no word yet on whether Owens was present for the rescheduled hearing, although it certainly would not have boded well for him if he had missed yet another court appearance.

Child support suit seeks lawyers for indigent parents (2)

Earlier this week, we began a discussion of a lawsuit that is currently pending in Fulton County Superior Court. Recently, the judge presiding over the suit granted the plaintiffs' motion for class-action status, a major step toward success in the case.

Child support suit seeks lawyers for indigent parents (1)

Last week, we reported on the nearly $20 million increase in child support collection from 2009 to 2010 in Georgia. Certainly, that is a positive development. Many parents rely on child support payments to pay their bills and make ends meet, and the state should do everything it can to help single parents get the money they need and deserve.

Court: no right to an attorney in child support contempt hearings

If a noncustodial parent is either unwilling or unable to pay child support as ordered by the court, there are many potential consequences that can seriously affect a parent's life, such as taking away his or her driver's license or even a jail sentence for contempt under Georgia civil and family law. In most other situations where jail time is a possible consequence, the defendant has a right to an attorney under state and federal due process guarantees.

Georgia Sponsors Innovative Child Support Court

Saying that, "We have had calls from all over the state of Georgia," employee Blue Cole points to the growing success of a fledgling state-sponsored program aimed at helping non-custodial parents find and keep work, stay out of trouble and make timely child support payments.

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