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Studies favor shared child custody orders with fairly equal time

Federal statistics reportedly show that children with two parents are more likely to be successful students who don't get in trouble and who stay out of jail. Kids with two active parents are generally more secure, drug and alcohol-free, and not pregnant or depressed. Only a few states, however, strongly push divorcing couples into a shared child custody arrangement that attempts to parse the time relatively equally between the parents each week. In Georgia, the typical arrangement gives primary custody to one parent  and secondary custody to the other, with some shared decision-making.

Child custody arrangement should be provided to child's school

In Georgia and elsewhere, separated or divorced parents usually have a child custody order or agreement that defines their respective rights to custody and visitation. When the children are of school age, there is the possibility of confusion or conflict regarding who may pick up the child after school or at other times. With a wide diversity of schools, school systems and other learning institutions in the mix, the school and other learning arrangements may need to be defined in the child custody order or agreement. Otherwise, the school may have no guidance when a parent shows up to pick up a child.

What should parents in Georgia know about child custody cases?

Figuring out child custody can be either be really easy for divorcing couples or really difficult. Every familial situation is different, and as such, individualized child custody arrangements need to be made. There are a few options for custody arrangements in Georgia, including sole and joint custody. However, each can written to accommodate the needs of the children and parents.

Seeing grandparents after divorce in best interests of the child?

Family takes many different shapes and forms in the country today. Possibly the toughest question to answer when a family experiences a change in dynamics is whether something is in the best interests of the child. Many families in Georgia may be seeking ways to ensure that their children are surrounded by loving and supportive relatives and friends throughout their lives.

Ex-wife vows to renew Georgia child custody battle with Usher

Most everyone in Georgia has heard about the very public divorce and custody battle of Usher and his ex-wife. Now, as their son is released from the hospital after a recent pool accident, the singer's ex-wife has vowed to renew their child custody battle. Usher was previously awarded sole custody of the couple's two children.

Child custody case may have some influence on Georgia parents

Residents in Georgia may be interested to hear of a child custody case going on in another state. The mother is an American Indian, the father is not. The mother wants sole custody of the children but the father wants shared child custody.

How is child custody decided in Georgia?

Last week, we wrote a blog post detailing the differences between physical and legal child custody. To summarize that discussion, physical custody refers to where a child lives, while legal custody refers to the right and responsibility to make important decisions about a child's health care, education, religion and the like.

Boys will continue living with woman who killed her children

When a Georgia family court judge makes a custody ruling, they rely on a flexible standard known as the "best interests of the child." This standard lists about a dozen different criteria for a judge to use in determining the best child custody arrangement for the child and the circumstances. As such, custody rulings often vary significantly from judge to judge and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Should religion affect child custody orders?

In most states, family court judges may not use personal disapproval or a lack of understanding of a religion determine their ruling on a child custody dispute. However, what happens when a parent alleges that the other parent's religious practices cause harm to the child in an attempt to gain custody of their child?

Custody of 3-year-old girl awarded to Georgia sex offender

This week, a girl celebrated her fourth birthday in Georgia. For young children, birthdays are usually a happy and exciting occasion, filled with cake and presents, friends and family. Yet this birthday probably won't be like most for this young girl. Earlier this month, she was taken from her grandparents, with whom she has lived since birth, and sent to live with her deceased mother's former husband, a registered sex offender, after a court granted him full physical custody of the girl.

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