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Alimony taxable following divorce in Georgia

Getting divorced may cause some emotional discomfort, but a person who is divorced may also feel the financial sting of the outcome of the divorce proceeding. An individual who has to pay alimony or child support in Georgia, for instance, will have to budget for this expense each month. Moreover, the party who receives alimony following a divorce will lose some money in the process in the form of income taxes.

Georgia residents considering divorce have ways to protect assets

In most divorce cases, whether in Georgia or any other state, there are usually many factors to consider. One of the most daunting factors is that of protecting the assets of one or both parties, especially if those assets are of a considerable amount. There are steps that can be taken before or during a marriage that would ensure asset protection should a divorce be imminent.

Georgia couples may be inspired by Simpson asset division

When a well established couple gets a divorce, there are a number of things that can present complications and heartache for the couple and their family. But not every divorce case has to be lengthy and grueling as one recent celebrity account may demonstrate. Georgia couples with complex assets considering divorce may find that it is, in fact, very possible to reach an amicable and fair asset division.

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