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What can ADR help you resolve in a divorce?

Many people think that divorce, by its very nature, necessitates a dispute between former spouses. While stress and discomfort are likely inevitable, a dispute does not have to be. Litigation is ultimately unnecessary, and instead of going to court, you may be able to opt for an alternative dispute resolution. ADR, or mediation, is one of the best options for navigating a divorce amicably and effectively.

Financial aspects to consider when divorcing as a senior woman

Are you a senior woman considering a divorce? You are not alone. The rate of divorce among seniors has increased significantly over the decades, rising from 2.8 percent to 15 percent, reports the L.A. Times. This growing trend of "gray divorce" has many causes, from staying together for the kids to the relationship suffering from continual wear and tear.

Does permanent really mean forever with alimony?

If you're currently in the throes of divorce, chances are you have a lot on your mind. From dividing marital assets to negotiating a fair - or at least reasonable - child custody order, divorce forces you to consider a lot of things, including things you don't normally think about, like alimony.

The great alimony reform debate -- a neccessity or a handout?

Back when divorce was uncommon, judges would grant them only in cases of broken marriage vows through infidelity or similar circumstances. Judges often used the awarding of alimony as a form of public chastisement. Now, in the era of the no-fault dissolution, there are many who question the wisdom of court-ordered spousal support. There are likely many Georgia residents who either make or receive these monies.

Can Georgia spouses be jailed for missing alimony payments?

It's understandable that in many situations, parents who miss child support payments could face jail time. However, divorced spouses in Georgia may face time in jail for missing alimony payments. This is the case with a man who has been jailed multiple times and is now on a work release program. He must report to jail by a certain time each evening and leave during the day for work. In order for him to be released, he must pay $25,000 in back alimony.

The possible effects of social media on a Georgia divorce

Social media knows no age limit these days. From young teens to great-grandparents, logging on to Facebook or LinkedIn is an everyday occurrence. For Georgia residents of any age contemplating divorce, however, that popular activity comes with a warning to be careful with what is posted on social media. It may have a large impact on the outcome of divorce procedures.

Why do some women refuse to divorce a cheating husband?

For many Georgia women, when a spouse is caught cheating the aftermath follows a predictable course. After the initial confrontation and a period of fact-gathering, many women move into the process of filing for divorce. Infidelity is a breach of trust that many simply cannot overcome. However, virtually every woman knows someone who survived one or more episodes of cheating with their marriage intact.

Georgia residents facing divorce may not friend's advice

Many people in Georgia have close friends who are going through a divorce. Divorce is a difficult process and those going through it can sometimes find support from their friends. There are a lot of ways to show support but a recent article has pointed out there are also some things to avoid during this time.

Alimony help for Georgia couples facing divorce

Georgia divorced spouses may be able to say farewell to alimony being paid for life. Several states are contemplating changing laws that decree paying alimony that ends upon death. There was a reason that law was passed long ago, but in so many cases these days, that reason is no longer valid.

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