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Financial aspects to consider when divorcing as a senior woman

Are you a senior woman considering a divorce? You are not alone. The rate of divorce among seniors has increased significantly over the decades, rising from 2.8 percent to 15 percent, reports the L.A. Times. This growing trend of "gray divorce" has many causes, from staying together for the kids to the relationship suffering from continual wear and tear.

Noncustodial parents should stay in their children's lives

All parents with minor children, whether in Georgia or elsewhere, usually suffer a multitude of worries about the effect of the divorce trauma on the children. Truth be told, however, there are no lasting scars or permanent psychological deficits that the children must suffer. Many highly successful people came from a divorced household. Both parents, including noncustodial parents, can ease the burden on the children by remaining involved and by showing that the bond of love remains strong.

Lack of employment opportunities presents child support issues

There has been a growing trend to imprison certain citizens who are often struggling to make ends meet. Noncustodial parents who are unable to consistently make their child support payments have been sentenced to serve time in their local jails as a means of forcing them to meet their financial obligations. There may be parents in Georgia who are also experiencing difficulty in either making or receiving these vital monies.

Court sentences man to jail in spite of paying late child support

Divorced parents have many issues to settle between them. Frequently, a court will determine the type of custody that would be the optimal arrangement for the children and which parent is in the best position to provide child support payments. As such, the noncustodial parent is expected to provide financial support on a regular basis. There may be many Georgia families that also struggle to ensure that all the needs of their children are being met.

Societal changes reflected in child support decisions

The world today is not the same as it was just a few decades ago. This change has even been reflected in the way judges are determining who should provide the child support when a marriage ends in divorce. This shift may have impacted many families in Georgia just as it has throughout the country.

Man stunned by child support bill

Recently, a man was stunned to receive notification that he was being held responsible for a bill totaling thousands of dollars. It is apparently in relation to back child support that he was told years ago he didn't owe. Unfortunately for him, however, a judge has decided that he will have to pay it. While the majority of non-custodial parents in Georgia do have to pay support, most likely none of them will ever have a story like this man's.

Program looks to aid noncustodial parents

Raising a child as a single parent is becoming more frequent in today's culture. Often, when a child is born to unmarried parents, the biological father is not aware of his rights. One program in a nearby state is hoping to reach out to noncustodial parents and help them establish parental rights as well as a relationship with the child involved. Georgia parents may benefit from some of the information about the program.

The possible effects of social media on a Georgia divorce

Social media knows no age limit these days. From young teens to great-grandparents, logging on to Facebook or LinkedIn is an everyday occurrence. For Georgia residents of any age contemplating divorce, however, that popular activity comes with a warning to be careful with what is posted on social media. It may have a large impact on the outcome of divorce procedures.

Flexibility helps for Georgia parents expecting child support

Georgia parents who wait every month on child support or alimony payments may need to practice patience, according to a recent report. A couple may have the financial arrangements settled in court during divorce proceedings, but circumstances sometimes vary, making a change in those agreed upon child support or alimony payments inevitable. Learning to be flexible will help during those times of change.

Man is being held in Georgia prison until he pays child support

The former general counsel of Glock, Inc., which has its US headquarters office in Georgia, had been incarcerated after being convicted of several crimes. The charges against him were reversed on appeal, and he was awaiting his release when he was informed that he was to remain in prison until back child support he owed his ex-wife was paid. The child support amount owed is in the thousands of dollars, He is also expected to pay for interest accrued on that amount in addition to the legal fees of his ex-wife.

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