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Children detained in legal dispute released on conditions

Family law attorneys in Georgia and elsewhere are likely familiar with the dynamic that arises in child visitation cases that is generally referred to as parental alienation. It involves a legal dispute about visitation rights in which the non-custodial parent usually files a petition to obtain some degree of time with the children. In response, it is determined during fact finding that the custodial parent has unfairly and unjustifiably vilified the noncustodial parent to the children in such a way that they refuse to visit with the other parent. This tactic, usually carried out by the custodial parent, is universally criticized and soundly rejected by jurists, psychologists and social workers alike.

Seeing grandparents after divorce in best interests of the child?

Family takes many different shapes and forms in the country today. Possibly the toughest question to answer when a family experiences a change in dynamics is whether something is in the best interests of the child. Many families in Georgia may be seeking ways to ensure that their children are surrounded by loving and supportive relatives and friends throughout their lives.

Divorce, visitation and the holidays: How will this work?

Often, coming to an agreement on visitation schedules for parents during a divorce settlement can be filled with tension and resentment. Holidays are particularly difficult to come to terms with, not just for parents but also for the kids involved. For many divorcing couples it is hard to let go of old grudges or memories of holidays together and move forward to create new traditions. For many Georgia families, coming to terms with and finding ways to make the holidays memorable and trying to find time for both parents to have equal visitation can help both the parents and the children adapt to their new family situation.

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