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No-Fault divorce can be as contentious as the parties make it

Many divorces may start out as amicable, but getting them to stay that way may involve a bit of luck and a lot of good faith effort by both parties. Although a divorce may be filed as a no-fault divorce, that does not mean that the parties are agreeing to an uncontested divorce. A no-fault divorce in Georgia is based on the claim that the marriage is irretrievably broken, and most divorces ultimately end up being based on that ground.

Beware of Internet ads for a cheap no-fault divorce

It sometimes makes sense to choose a higher-priced product and enjoy its extra dividends, such as better service and peace of mind. The fees and costs for a no-fault divorce in Georgia and other states will vary between a high range and often times a very low range. In one state, a popular independent television station has reported on what it cost a woman who wanted to get a quick, cheap divorce.

Predivorce planning may save frustration down the road

In spite of the best intentions and efforts, not every marriage will survive. In fact, the current statistics indicate that close to half of all marriages will end in divorce. Couples in Georgia that fear their relationship is also in danger may benefit from predivorce planning that could make the split less frustrating down the road.

Should divorce have a mandatory waiting period?

One of Georgia's neighboring states is considering a change to its family law process which, if passed, would significantly reduce the mandatory waiting period for couples who wish to divorce in the state. Although it seems like a simple proposal, the bill has been met with some resistance from organizations and advocates who feel that reducing the waiting period might discourage reconciliation.

Why mediation may not be right for you

In recent years, family law professionals have touted mediation as the solution to the increasingly backlogged family court systems in Ohio and around the country. Many couples have decided to use mediation as a more cost-effective, less combative way to conclude their marriage.

Georgia divorce rate is above average, part two

Earlier this week, we began a discussion of a recently released study from the United States Census Bureau, which reported that the divorce rate in Georgia and throughout the southern region of the country is higher than the national average. Specifically, the study reported that the divorce rate in the south was 10.2 percent for men and 11.1 percent for women in 2009, above the national average of 9.2 percent for men and 9.7 percent of women.

Georgia divorce rate is above average, part one

According to U.S. Census data from 2009, Georgia is one of 14 states with divorce rates above the national average. The majority of states with an above-average divorce rate are in the south, which researchers partially attribute to a higher rate of marriage in the region.

Court: airline can't decide whether pilot divorces are legitimate

Earlier this month, a federal appeals court ruled that an airline cannot decide that a pilot's divorce is fake, dismissing a lawsuit that accused nine pilots of divorcing their spouses in an attempt to tap into their pension benefits early.

Allen Iverson's wife files for divorce in Georgia...again

When a couple is thinking about divorce, there are many factors that can motivate them to attempt to work out their problems and remain in their marriage, such as a mortgage, debt, or, most commonly, children. This may be what happened with NBA star Allen Iverson when his wife, Tawanna filed for divorce in Georgia, later dropped the divorce petition, and then decided to file again this week.

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