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What can ADR help you resolve in a divorce?

Many people think that divorce, by its very nature, necessitates a dispute between former spouses. While stress and discomfort are likely inevitable, a dispute does not have to be. Litigation is ultimately unnecessary, and instead of going to court, you may be able to opt for an alternative dispute resolution. ADR, or mediation, is one of the best options for navigating a divorce amicably and effectively.

Setting goals in a divorce

For many who start the process of a divorce, the sole objective is survival. Nobody could blame you if this is the case. One thing to bear in mind is that stress is an inevitable part of the process, and it can be severe enough to incite panic attacks in some. You can do more than just survive, though--you can thrive. To do so, you should consider setting goals to focus on.

How to know if divorce mediation will work for you

Litigation may be the most common route for married couples seeking a divorce, but it is not the only one. There are alternate dispute resolutions you can choose to use. One is mediation, which the state of Georgia requires all couples to try before going to trial.

Financial aspects to consider when divorcing as a senior woman

Are you a senior woman considering a divorce? You are not alone. The rate of divorce among seniors has increased significantly over the decades, rising from 2.8 percent to 15 percent, reports the L.A. Times. This growing trend of "gray divorce" has many causes, from staying together for the kids to the relationship suffering from continual wear and tear.

How to modify a finalized divorce in Georgia

Usually the finalization of your divorce brings relief because it is over and you can try to move forward with your life. However, sometimes it can lead to more strife because it may result in an undesirable outcome for you, your spouse may appeal the decree or conditions may change that warrant a modification. Whatever the circumstances, you do not need to feel hopeless, because you have options. It is possible to modify certain aspects of your divorce settlement.

How documentation eliminates unnecessary conflict in your divorce

The length of time it takes to get a divorce in Georgia can be frustrating, especially if your spouse is hostile and uncooperative. While some parts of the process require specific periods of time, there are things you can do to speed up the rest. Some of these include hiring a divorce lawyer to prevent delays due to mistakes, gathering together required information and paperwork in a timely manner and documenting everything. When you can easily present evidence in your favor, it can eliminate conflict and therefore quicken your divorce proceedings. The following are some of the things you should document.

The art of the (prenuptial) deal: Trump's first divorce

Among the many contracts Donald Trump has signed in the course of his career is a prenuptial agreement with his first wife, Ivana. According to The New York Times, it stipulated that, "should the couple split, she return everything - cars, furs, rings - that Mr. Trump might give her during their marriage."

Georgia divorce rules mandate equitable property distribution

In Georgia, property acquired during the marriage by either party is subject to what is called equitable property distribution. This means that the court will look at a statutorily specified list of factors and determine how to divide the property between the spouses. Thus, the process of property division in divorce in Georgia does not contemplate simply dividing everything equally down the middle.

Some general concepts of child custody in Georgia divorce cases

This is a general summary of the highlights of the rules of child custody in divorce cases in Georgia. Initially, the paternity of the father must be established before legal rights or duties can be attributed to the individual. This is usually not an issue in most divorce or custody matters, but it may come up in a variety of different situations that are too voluminous and complex to discuss in this article.

Clients told to drop social media contacts during divorce case

If a divorce proceeding or a custody battle looms in one's future, it may be time to take decisive action to close down all social media postings and communications until further notice. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, almost all of the group's members said in a poll that the evidence taken from digital phones and other wireless devices, along with text messages from any source, are likely to be used as evidence in a divorce or custody proceeding. That reality applies to Georgia divorce proceedings and other family law matters.

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