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Does permanent really mean forever with alimony?

If you're currently in the throes of divorce, chances are you have a lot on your mind. From dividing marital assets to negotiating a fair - or at least reasonable - child custody order, divorce forces you to consider a lot of things, including things you don't normally think about, like alimony.

Alimony: It's not one-size-fits-all

Divorce and related family law matters come with a whole host of assumptions and misconceptions. For the most part, people don't necessarily expect to get divorced. Because of this, many people are unfamiliar with the legal elements of divorce and often rely on the experiences of others to prepare.

The great alimony reform debate -- a neccessity or a handout?

Back when divorce was uncommon, judges would grant them only in cases of broken marriage vows through infidelity or similar circumstances. Judges often used the awarding of alimony as a form of public chastisement. Now, in the era of the no-fault dissolution, there are many who question the wisdom of court-ordered spousal support. There are likely many Georgia residents who either make or receive these monies.

Can Georgia spouses be jailed for missing alimony payments?

It's understandable that in many situations, parents who miss child support payments could face jail time. However, divorced spouses in Georgia may face time in jail for missing alimony payments. This is the case with a man who has been jailed multiple times and is now on a work release program. He must report to jail by a certain time each evening and leave during the day for work. In order for him to be released, he must pay $25,000 in back alimony.

Alimony help for Georgia couples facing divorce

Georgia divorced spouses may be able to say farewell to alimony being paid for life. Several states are contemplating changing laws that decree paying alimony that ends upon death. There was a reason that law was passed long ago, but in so many cases these days, that reason is no longer valid.

The debate over permanent alimony continues in Georgia

The perils of permanent alimony remain for people getting divorced in Georgia. What is permanent alimony? Permanent alimony is when one spouse is required to pay their ex-spouse alimony for the rest of their life or until their ex dies or in many cases, remarries.

Court order required to lower spousal support obligation

As the economy continues to limp toward recovery in Georgia, many people are finding themselves out of work or making less than they previously did for several months (or even years) longer than they anticipated. As such, many Atlanta residents are no longer able to meet financial obligations dating back to their pre-recession life and income.

Alimony, federal and state tax laws, and the IRS

At some point after a divorce had taken place, a husband agreed with his former spouse to make a single $20,000 lump-sum payment. In doing so, his wife assured him that he would then be relieved of his $500 per month spousal support obligations.

Several states modify alimony laws; should Georgia be next?

In recent years, several states have modified their laws regarding alimony, or spousal support, in response to mass criticism claiming that the current laws are outdated and out of touch with modern marriages and family financial situations. With this seeming wave of alimony reform sweeping the country, many Atlanta residents are wondering if Georgia will be next.

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