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Setting goals in a divorce

For many who start the process of a divorce, the sole objective is survival. Nobody could blame you if this is the case. One thing to bear in mind is that stress is an inevitable part of the process, and it can be severe enough to incite panic attacks in some. You can do more than just survive, though–you can thrive. To do so, you should consider setting goals to focus on.

The following are a few ideas of objectives that can help you sidestep the stress of a divorce and instead enjoy the freedom it can afford. Developing your own list of essential principles is a great way to make the best of the situation and sustain your optimism.

Maintain your own assets

If you are a high earner with assets that will be subject to property division, this could easily be a source of stress. This is especially true if you do not have a pre- or postnuptial agreement with your spouse. Either way, though, you should not let the mental hardship distract you from keeping possession of what is rightfully yours. If there is any dispute, hiring legal representation can help you maintain your assets.

Grow closer to your kids

According to the Scientific American, though divorce is not beneficial to kids, most are able to adjust to it over time. If you have kids, you may be fearful the separation will majorly impact your relationship with them, but actively investing in them can prevent this. Get more involved than ever with your children.

Stay on good terms with ex

This is the most difficult part of divorce for many people. When you previously loved someone and shared your life with her or him, separating yet maintaining a positive relationship may seem like a monumental undertaking. It is beneficial for all parties involved–especially kids, if you have any–that you commit to this goal.