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Divorce settlement requires attention to common issues

Whether one's finances equate to a high-asset divorce or that of an average middle-class income and assets, various issues should be covered in the negotiated settlement agreement. One of the first considerations of a divorce negotiation, whether in Georgia or another state, will be the children and their financial care, if applicable. One thing to decide, for example, is the future college expenses of the children.

A spouse may signal sure signs of his or her plot toward divorce

According to one prominent divorce financial planner, there are signs that one's spouse is secretly maneuvering or planning out the strategy for a divorce unbeknown to the other spouse. Such secretive, manipulating behavior may be due to the culture of divorce that exists nationwide, including in Georgia. It embraces largely the militaristic strategy of striking the first blow, by surprise. This may include seizing and taking off with as many spoils of battle as one can amass before the dust settles.

Child custody arrangement should be provided to child's school

In Georgia and elsewhere, separated or divorced parents usually have a child custody order or agreement that defines their respective rights to custody and visitation. When the children are of school age, there is the possibility of confusion or conflict regarding who may pick up the child after school or at other times. With a wide diversity of schools, school systems and other learning institutions in the mix, the school and other learning arrangements may need to be defined in the child custody order or agreement. Otherwise, the school may have no guidance when a parent shows up to pick up a child.

Beware of Internet ads for a cheap no-fault divorce

It sometimes makes sense to choose a higher-priced product and enjoy its extra dividends, such as better service and peace of mind. The fees and costs for a no-fault divorce in Georgia and other states will vary between a high range and often times a very low range. In one state, a popular independent television station has reported on what it cost a woman who wanted to get a quick, cheap divorce.

Hedge fund managers in a divorce may have decreased returns

Investors in Georgia and elsewhere who put their money into hedge funds may want to consider the results of a study released recently by economists from a large university. The study reports that when the manager of the investment fund is going through a marriage or a divorce there is an impact on the performance of the fund. Funds are often measured by what percentage they beat the market, which is an indicator called a fund's alpha.

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